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SA 8000 Certification Services

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Social Accountability :

The Most relevant standards of social responsibility is the SA8000 developed by CEPA (Council of Economic Priorities Accreditation Agency - USA) now known as Social Accountability International (SAI). Social Accountability International is an international non-profit human rights organisation founded in 1997 with the mission to improve workplaces around the world by developing and implementing socially responsible standards.

SAI’s mission is to enable organizations to be socially accountable by :


  • Convening key stakeholders to develop consensus-based voluntary standards,
  • Accrediting qualified organizations to verify compliance; and
  • Promoting understanding and encouraging implementation of such standards worldwide.

SA 8000 :


  • SA 8000 is an international standard for improving working conditions around the world. It is based on the principles of thirteen international human rights conventions and is intended to help apply these norms to practical work-life situations. It covers issues related to:  Child Labour; Forced Labour; Health & Safety; Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining; Discrimination; Disciplinary Practices; Working Hours; Remuneration and Management System. SA 8000 is comprised of the structures, procedures and resources used by an organization to achieve its objectives. For the proper implementation of a company’s policies, effective management system is necessary. Management systems have a double aim in relation to monitoring and verification activities; to ensure that the labour standards are implemented and monitored, but also to ensure that regular business is structured so that the suppliers can meet the standards they are supposed to uphold.
  • SA 8000 standard gives guidance to organizations and offices on how to improve their business and working relations. Certification under SA8000 is available to any organization.


"Responsible Business is a Good Business"


Benefits SA 8000 :


  • Improved staff morale.Increase reputation from customer and productivity continuously.
  • More reliable business partnerships.
  • Enhancing company and brand reputation.
  • Enhanced competitiveness.
  • Less staff turnover and better worker-manager communication.
  • Less staff turnover and better worker-manager communication.
  • Improve the management and performance of supply chain.
  • Demonstrated commitment to socially responsible business ethics.
  • A tool to educate workers about core labour rights.
  • Clear and credible assurance for ethical purchasing decisions.
  • Wins new business.

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