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ISO 50001 Certification Services

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ISO 50001 Energy Management


  • ISO 50001 is the new international Energy Management system Standard (EnMS) and first global EnMS following from a range of national and regional standards such as EN 16001. It is a key mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency globally. The process of adopting ISO 50001 is highly beneficial for organizations, especially those with reporting and transparency pressures from shareholders and other entities requesting measurement data. It will help these companies formalize accepted best practices and ensure accurate and standardized reporting.
  • Organizations across the world face energy-related challenges, including those related to energy supply, reliability and climate change matters. ISO 50001 provides measurable benefits to both public and private organizations worldwide, and many experts agree that it will benefit society as a whole.
  • It provides a general-purpose system that allows organizations to choose performance standards that they deem best meet their requirements. This International Standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations, irrespective of geographical, cultural or social conditions. Successful implementation depends on commitment from all levels and functions of the organization, and especially from top management.

What is ISO 50001 ?


  • ISO 50001 is the international standard for energy management designed by ISO, to promote energy efficiency throughout the supply chain.. It is designed in such a way that it can be combined with other management systems.
  • The principal business of an industrial facility is making a profit through production of goods and services, not energy efficiency. While energy efficiency has demonstrated, time and again, it saves industrial firms money while having a positive effect on productivity.
  • It does not include prescriptive energy performance goals, rather it offers a framework through which  organization can set and pursue its own goals for improving energy performance.
  • It reduces costs and so facilitates a company to become more competitive, improve environmental performance and thus it secures more business. Possessing a certificate which verifies the company’s green credentials and energy management commitment gives a positive and company image.

Key factors for successful implementation of an EnMS include :


  • Top management support
  • Sufficient resources
  • Management commitment

The benefits include :


  • Reduce negative impact on the environment
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Structured approach to the Right First Time methodologies
  • Ensuring greater level of control
  • You will optimize your assessment of success in the introduction of new energy-efficient technologies
  • Satisfy the expectations of most stakeholders.  
  • Reduced costs and improved business performance.
  • Improved compliance with energy legislation.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Demonstrating transparency and commitment.


What is the cost of an audit to ISO 50001:2011?

Charges for ISO 50001:2011 Certification may depend on the size, location, Complexity of operation, Processes and inter relevance. Acumic produces a guidance price list based on company nature & size.

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