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ISO 22000 Certification Services

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ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management


Food safety is the global concern not only because of the importance of public health but also because of its impact on international trade. Globalization of food production and procurement makes food chain longer & more complex and increases the risk of food safety incidents. Hence food safety is the most important quality feature for the consumers hence food law regulates this issue in detail, assure the consumer that food fulfil its safety expectations. In a nutshell food safety is more than just the function of quality assurance and operations.

ISO 22000 is an international and unique food safety management system standard. This standard provides both opportunities and challenges to organization that desire to implement the requirements. This standard is not prescriptive which do not define what specific action and organization must taken to meet the requirements so organization must determine these actions and then show auditor that these actions are effective in controlling the identified a food safety hazard. The main objective of ISO 22000 is to control and reduce to an acceptable level, any safety hazard identified for the end products delivered to the next step of food chain. The standard provides international harmonization in the field of food safety standards, offering a tool to implement HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) throughout the food supply chain.

There are many other food safety standards available but most of them are limited in scope. ISO 22000 is only the one to cover all organization that produce, manufacturers, handle or supply food or feed such as retailers, storage providers, biochemical manufacturers, feed and food manufacturers, processors, transportation operators, agriculture producers, packing material manufacturers etc. Overall it ensures that process used to control food safety is validated, verified, implemented, monitored and managed.


Production of safe food requires the active involvement of most of business functions including R&D engineering, purchasing, sales and human resources.

What is ISO 22000 ?

ISO 22000 FSMS is an auditable standard which specifies that when an organization in the food channel needs to demonstrate an ability to control hazards related to food safety then this standard provides the basis for demonstrating company compliance to quality system by establishing the documentation and procedural standard must be met. In brief, it is intended for organization directly or indirectly associated with food supply chain is irrespective of size and complexity and is regarded as being able to bring transparency since it has been designed to cover every link in the food supply chain.

ISO 22000 Benefits 


  • Embed and improve the internal processes needed to provide consistently safe food.
  • More efficient and dynamic food safety hazard control.
  • Increased stakeholder confidence demonstrate your commitment to managing your food safety  hazards and risks.
  • Improved transparency across the complex food supply chain.
  • Reduction in food safety incidents and cost.
  • Time and cost efficiencies remove the need for multiple food safety standards.
  • New business opportunities improve your ability to work with organisations where ISO 22000 is a contractual obligation or expectation.

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