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Halal Certification Services

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Islam is the fastest growing religion and second largest in the world are true. The increasing awareness of Muslims all over the world on their obligation to consume food that meets Islamic dietary requirements has created a much greater demand for HALAL food and products. The food industry is an evergreen industry and Halal food is the latest trend in the world market. HALAL stands not only for just and fair business transactions but also for animal welfare, sustainable environment and social justice.

The global market demand for Halal products and services. Halal is an Arabic word which means allowed or permitted according to Islamic laws. In the context of food consumption, the term indicates that a particular food is permissible to be consumed by Muslims. In general Islam is a way of life for every Muslim.

The label used as a certification mark will be evidence that the company's products meet the specific standards required for the use of the certification mark. The purpose of Halal certification marks on product packaging is to satisfied Muslim consumers.  This mark represents a high level of hygiene, cleanliness, safety, and nutrition and production under the strict requirements of Islamic dietary law.
Halal products are now being produced and originated from all parts of the world, the question of whether the products remain Halal or not at the point of consumption is a matter of concern.  Therefore, it  is a challenging  work  for  all  the  parties  involved  in manufacturing,  transportation  and  storage  of  Halal products to ensure that the integrity of the Halal product is not broken  throughout the supply chain.
It is important for food manufacturers be aware of not only the Halal requirements for different countries and the principles of Halal, but, also, understand the organizations which meet their needs the best.
Halal covers the aspects of slaughtering, storage, display, preparation, hygiene and sanitation. This certification means complete and accurate information about Halal status of products from all point of view.                 
‘’HALAL trademark is an important marketing tool in the international arena, it opens the door to marketing products globally.’’   

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What is the cost of an audit to HALAL?

Charges for ISO HALAL Certification may depend on the size, location, complexity of operation, processes and it’s inter relevance. Acumic produces a guidance price list based on company nature & size. For a Quotation please get in touch with us either by sending your inquiry through mail to info@acumic.in or call us at 0522-4072356, Tel: +91-9918766617.


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Contact Us: If you plan to go for ISO Certification, you may ask for Quotation by providing your organization’s information in application form, you can download the application form by clicking on Download link available at the website or submit your inquiry through feedback. Alternatively you may send your inquiry through mail to info@acumic.in  or call us at 0522-4072356 Tell: +91-9918766617 Sector-specific applications of HALAL.

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