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GHP Certification Services

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Food safety includes food handling, food preparation, food storage & food distribution according to the standardized procedures and guidelines as stated in compliance to Food Safety and Standards Regulations. All consumers have the right to expect safe, hygienically prepared and good quality food. This is the reason that the handling of food requires care to prevent the hazards. Good Hygiene Practices are the set of requirements to prevent contamination of food in order to provide safe food to the consumers.  Food borne illnesses can result from contamination due to improper practices like when there is

  • Lack of environmental hygiene and poor sanitation
  • Mixed and inappropriate transportation
  • Poor storage
  • Poor personal hygiene,
  • Unsafe source of food.

Successful domestic and international trade in food and a sustainable agriculture-based development depend on safe food supplies that meet buyers’ quality requirements. Food businesses meet their food safety and quality responsibilities by implementing quality assurance systems along the food production chain. These set of controls may include Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Good Hygienic Practices (GHPs), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems. Many businesses can face challenges, but in particular small scale producers and traders in developing countries need support in planning and implementing food safety management programmes in line with international requirements.

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